OCTOBER 17, 2018


President Mike Krummenacker called the meeting to order at 8:00 PM. Salute to the Flag lead by Mike Ornauer, opening prayer lead by William Mayo followed by a moment of silence for our service men and women serving both domestically and overseas as well as for all departed firefighters.


We received a warm welcome from Chief of Department Mike Urbanik.


Roll Call of the Officers, Past Presidents, Directors, and Committee Chairs was taken and excuses noted.  Motion made by Past President Otto Kohlmier Jr., seconded by Past President Steve Klein, and carried to accept the Roll Call of Officers with the excuses noted.


Motion by Past President Kevin McElynn, seconded by Frank Deiosso, and carried to accept the minutes of the July meeting as printed in the Signal, with the corrections as noted by President Krummenacker.


Jerry Presta then introduced a video from the Nassau County Junior Firefighters Association.


President Krummenacker then asked Nassau County Ladies Auxiliary’s President Barbara Stone to introduce the members of her Board in attendance tonight.



Awards: Past President McElynn reported that the deadline for submissions for the 2018 year is March 15, 2019. President Krummenacker then asked all who were in attendance to spread the word about this award.


Burn Center: Past President Thomas Gaffney reported that former head nurse Amy Pace is now the Director of the Burn Unit.


Dinner: Second Vice President Lee Tucholski was excused for this meeting, so the following report was read by Secretary Juan Batta:

The Installation Dinner will take place on Wednesday June 5, 2019 at the Crescent Beach Club in Bayville – cocktail hour starts at 6:30 PM & Dinner starts at 8:00 PM – cost is $80 per person.


Executive Council: Past President Klein reported that the Installation Dinner is Thursday October 25th at the Pompeii Restaurant in West Hempstead. Past President Kohlmier added that the new President is Joseph Riccardo. First Vice President/Treasurer Stephen Goodman spoke about the fundraising for a window in the chapel in the FASNY Firemen’s Home.


Exempts:  Secretary Batta read Second Vice President Tucholski’s report:

The new 2% Manuals are being worked on.


Explorers/Jr. Firefighters:  Jerry Presta introduced the members of the Board that were in attendance before giving his report: Advisor Phil Lonegro; President Robert Dowd; Second Vice President Arjune Mehta; Treasurer Rohan Mehrota; and Secretary Mary Sryett. He then gave the following report:

  1. Our last meeting was on September 23rd at the Cradle of Aviation. There were 97 Juniors/Explorers in attendance. Billy Goldfeder was the speaker.
  2. Our new website is up and running- www.ncjfa.org. Come visit us as we are also on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat all at – nassaujuniors.
  3. During the week of July 23rd, we had our 4th Annual Camp Fahrenheit 516 – it was a huge success with day 5 doing all new simulations, including the flashover simulator.
  4. We had our Annual Haz-Mat Training on June 3rd at the Hicksville Fire Department. There were 40 Juniors/Explorers present – it consisted of 5 evolutions.
  5. On August 17th Chairman Jerry Presta, Vice Chairman Mike Scanlon, President Robert Dowd, and Board Member Michael Scanlon left to Germany to introduce the plan to set up an international exchange program of Juniors/Explorers between Germany and the US. The outcome of the meeting was a success and the plan has already started.
  6. On Sunday September 16th, we attended Long Island Day at the Home – we had 64 Juniors/Explorers attend.
  7. From December 24th to January 7th, we will have 8 various Firefighters/Advisors coming to Long Island to continue to work on the Exchange Program. We are in the process of setting up some meetings. They will also be attending our annual meeting in Hicksville on January 7th.
  8. Our next meeting is on Sunday November 18th at Jericho Fire Department – Southern New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association is setting up the speaker – all are welcomed.


Fire Police: Frank Deiosso reported that there will be a meeting in Glen Cove this coming Saturday October 20th.



Legislative: President Krummenacker reported that the FASNY Legislative Conference is scheduled for November 3rd & 4th in Troy, NY. Past President Robert Ottaviano was excused for the meeting, so the following was read by Secretary Batta:

The Firematic associations are very concerned about the upcoming elections in NYS. If all 3 branches of government are from one party, consolidation and 2% could be in play. The fire service could cease to exist as we know it.


LI Day at the Home:  Jose DaRocha thanked the Juniors, Ladies Auxiliary, and Barbara Stone and Roy Dahlen for all their hard work – 281 participated – Comanche Raiders gave a performance – good food – hope to have it again next year.


Meeting Sites: Edward Rahilly reported that the next membership meeting will on January 16, 2019 in Garden City.


Membership: President Krummenacker asked those in attendance to bring 1 other person from your Department/Company to the next meeting.


Museum: Ed Rahilly reported that the Gala was very successful; entertainment was good, the attendance was low, but they made out well – appreciate the support from the fire service – the Museum is available for every Department to use. The honorees were Fire News, Steve Klein, and Thomas Cuff, Jr. was placed in the Hall of Fame.


Public Information: Past President McElynn reported that if you want something to appear in the upcoming issue of the Volunteer Firefighter Magazine, get it to him as soon as possible.


Radio: Mike Ornauer gave the following report:

The last radio committee meeting was September 12th, there was a representative, Phil Schram, from AT&T First Net Band Class 14 gave a demonstration on this new product, the next wave of communication for many people including first responders. Mr. Schram showed us a map of the areas already covered by First Net. It can be used like a cell phone. They have many deployable vehicles that can be used for special events, disasters such as a bad storm, etc. While using the system, first responders will get priority on the system over any other user. The system is compatible with other networks, you do not have to have an AT&T product, just need to purchase the app. Hands out are available from the association secretary about this new product (and are attached to these minutes).

Recently, there was a private meeting about radios held to announce that Motorola will no longer be producing low-band radio equipment. This is in addition to no longer making low-band pagers. This was mostly a scare tactic to convince departments to start buying UHF and VHF radio equipment. It was pointed out after the meeting that there are many other radio companies that are still making low-band equipment.


Safety Officers: Secretary Batta reported that he attended a seminar in Coram given by the Town of Brookhaven Safety Officers Association – very well done and very informative – look for this event next year.


Scholarship: Financial Secretary Tripp reported that the committee received 10 applications and the winners chosen are: Member: Alex Mulchinski, Roslyn Highlands; and Child of a Member: Brendan Mulrooney, East Williston.


State Campaign & Hospitality: Past President Klein reported that we will have a room at the FASNY Convention in August – with other groups – we have 1 person from the county running for FASNY Director.


State Chiefs: Past President McElynn reported that the June Convention will be held in Syracuse this coming year – rooms going quick.


United Memorial Service: Secretary Batta read Second Vice President Tucholski report:

The next Memorial Service will be held on Sunday May 5, 2019 at Great Neck South HS. In addition, I am speaking with Levittown regarding the 2020 date and that May 2021 will be sponsored by the Baldwin Fire Department. First Vice President/Treasurer Goodman than reported on the progress for the 2019 Service.


Ways and Means: Mike Ornauer reported that 45 people signed in for the meeting and that $179 was collected for the Dark Horse and $228 was collected for the 50/50 with $114 going to the winner.


Motion made by Past President Sendlenski, seconded by Past President McElynn, and carried to accept the report of committees.




First Vice President Steve Klein: gave the following report:

  1. The FASNY Tuition Reimbursement program is still in effect.
  2. Capital Projects Phase II is moving forward, and work is scheduled to be complete by the end of November – front entrance portico, ambulance entrance canopy, and dining pavilion.
  3. Capita Projects Phase III – museum addition – plans are being finalized, with work scheduled to begin this spring. The museum is launching a fund raising campaign to assist in this project – more info to follow.
  4. FASNY Legislative Conference is November 3rd & 4th at the Hilton Garden Inn, Hoosick Street, Troy, NY.
  5. The annual Issues of United Concern meeting will be on December 8th, also at the Hilton Garden Inn, Troy, NY.
  6. FASNY Board of Directors has issued 2 new awards: Youth Mentor of the Year Award will recognize an outstanding youth group leader for their efforts; and FASNY Recruitment & Retention Award will be awarded to a fire department/company in recognition of a successful, innovative recruitment or retention program.
  7. If you make any purchases from Amazon, you can designate a portion of your purchases to benefit the FASNY Firemen’s Home. Just go to Amazon Smile and designate your donation to the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York. All donations will be used for general Home operations.
  8. Super Saturday programs continue at the Museum. These are free monthly programs that teach fire safety or firefighting history. The next one will be the fire truck pine box derby on November 3rd. For more info visit the Museum’s website www.fasnyfiremuseum.com.


Director Jose DaRocha: had no report.


Director Mike Krummenacker: had no report.


Home Trustee Stephen Goodman: gave the following report:

  1. There are 71 residents in the Home.
  2. Has spoken to some businesses who purchase their supplies from Amazon regarding the promotion President Klein spoke about in his report.


Home Trustee James Interdonati: had no report.



First Vice President Robert Ottaviano, Jr.: was excused for this meeting.


Second Vice President Juan Batta: reported that the last membership meeting was held at the Hillcrest Fire Company in Rockland County and that 22 of the 48 people in attendance were from Nassau County, so thank you for making the trip. The next membership meeting will be held in Hewlett on January 5, 2019 – more info to follow.



COMMUNICATIONS: The following were received and read by the Secretary:

  1. A solicitation from the Fire Riders of Nassau County for their Turkey Run to benefit the homeless veterans on Long Island.


Motion made by Past President Sendlenski, seconded by Past President McElynn, and carried to accept the communications as read and deal with those that need action under New Business.



Steve Marsar


Reimbursement for meals at CIST training

Lee Tucholski


2 Certificates

Executive Council


Rabbi Charry Table

Michael Krummenacker


Legislative Conference Stipend

Robert Ottaviano


Legislative Conference Stipend

Mike Krummenacker


Flowers for Ladies Auxiliary

Total Bills Paid



Motion made by Past President Sendlenski, seconded by Frank Deiosso, and carried to pay the bills.



  1. Past President McElynn reported that the Coral House in Baldwin is hosting a Police and Firefighter Night on Tuesday November 13th from 7:00 – 9:00 PM – Class “A” Uniform.
  2. Past President McElynn also reported that the Fire Chiefs Council of Nassau County’s Seminar will be held on Tuesday October 30th at the Van Ness Station in Uniondale - $30 per person, $40 per person at the door.



  1. President Krummenacker brought up the solicitation from the Fire Riders of Nassau County for their Annual Turkey Run Fundraiser for the Homeless Veterans of Long Island. Motion made by Edward Rahilly, seconded by Past President Sendlenski, and carried to donate $100 to the Fire Riders of Nassau County for their Annual Turkey Run.
  2. Jose DaRocha reported that some residents in Albertson received solicitations from the Topkea, Kansas Volunteer Fire Departments. Topeka, Kansas has no volunteer fire departments – be on the lookout for this mailing as it could harm your fund drive.
  3. Donald Holupka informed us that if you have problems with the street directory in regards to receiving 2% monies, the paperwork to correct this has to be in by sometime in November. He also reported that the next meeting of the Long Island Association of Firemen’s Benevolent and Exempts Associations will be held on October 25th in North Merrick.



PRESIDENT: President Mike Krummenacker gave reported that he attended the following events:

  1. September 19 – NCFA Board of Directors Meeting, Hicksville.
  2. September 21 – South Shore Firemen’s Association Meeting, East Farmingdale.
  3. September 23 – 50 Years of Service Celebration, East Rockaway – Certificate was presented.
  4. September 26 – Special Committee Meeting for the FASNY Museum, Hudson, NY.
  5. September 27-30 – FASNY Committee meetings & Board of Directors meeting, Liverpool, NY.
  6. September 29 – Testimonial Dinner & Celebration for Outgoing FASNY President Ken Pienkowski, Syracuse, NY – Certificate was presented.
  7. October 3 – LI Fire Districts Law & Legislation Committee Meeting, Brookhaven.
  8. October 6 – LI Fire Districts Special Legislative Conference, East Farmingdale.
  9. October 6 – Southern New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association’s Meeting, Hillcrest Fire Company, Rockland County, NY.
  10. October 12 – North Shore Fire Association Meeting, East Williston.
  11. October 17 – Special Fire Prevention Program at the Nassau County Firefighter’s Museum with News 12, Garden City.


FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: First Vice President/Treasurer Stephen Goodman reported he attended the following:

  1. July 25 – Long Island Day at the Home Committee Meeting.
  2. August 9-13 – FASNY Convention, Liverpool, NY.
  3. August 16 – NCFA Board of Directors Meeting, Hicksville.
  4. September 9 - Great Neck Alert Fire Company visit to the FASNY Firemen’s Home, Hudson, NY.
  5. September 14 - North Shore Fire Council Meeting.
  6. September 16 – LI Day at the Home, Hudson, NY.
  7. September 19 – NCFA Board of Directors Meeting.
  8. September 27 – Executive Council of Firematic Associations of Nassau County Meeting.
  9. October 5 – Badge of Honor Gala Dinner, Nassau County Firefighter’s Museum, Garden City.
  10. October 6 – LI Fire Districts Special Legislative Conference, East Farmingdale.





SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: Secretary Batta read Second Vice President Leon Tucholski’s report:

During the past month, I was present at the Gala at the Firefighters Museum, Legislative Conference in East Farmingdale, North Shore Fire Council Meeting in East Williston, Executive Council’s Annual Meeting in Westbury.


SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: Sergeant-at-Arms Scalesi reported he attended:

  1. October 2 – NCJFA Fundraiser at the Green Turtle in East Meadow.
  2. October 6 – Legislative Meeting, East Farmingdale.
  3. October 6 – Presentation of a 50-Year Certificate, North Bellmore.
  4. October 10 – NCJFA Fundraiser at the Green Turtle in Franklin Square.
  5. October 11 – Toys-For-Tots Firefighters Kickoff at the Coral House in Baldwin


TREASURER: Treasurer Goodman reported on the net worth of the Association. Motion made by Past President James Interdonati, seconded by Frank Lombardi, and carried to accept the Treasurers Report as read.


SECRETARY: Secretary Batta reported that he has copies of the Committees List and the Bylaws – see him after the meeting.


FINANCIAL SECRETARY: Financial Secretary Tripp read the following report:

This month I have turned over to the Treasurer the sum of $1,980.00 in dues. Of the 648 members, 292 have paid their dues this year for a total of $5,325.00.

There are 0 out of the 117 Departments and Companies that paid their dues for the year beginning May 1, 2018. New dues notices have been mailed out to individuals. All Departments, and Companies will be getting their bills by the end of the month.

Status of the Membership:

Dues Paying Members -                       648

Department/Company Members -       117

Total Membership                                765


Motion made by Past President Sendlenski, seconded by Edward Rahilly, and carried to accept the reports of Officers.



  1. Past President McElynn reported on the number of members dropping lately, need to get some more members.
  2. A discussion was held on the Hospitality Room at the FASNY Convention in August.


DARK HORSE & 50/50:

Dark Horse: There were 5 $10 prizes and 2 gifts raffled off.

50/50:  $114.00 was awarded.


Closing Prayer was led by Father Christopher Costigan.


Motion to adjourn made by Past President Klein, seconded by Past President McElynn, and carried at 9:17 PM.


Respectfully Submitted



Juan Batta, Secretary