JANUARY 16, 2019


Before the meeting started, President Krummenacker introduced Steven Morelli, Commissioner of OEM for a presentation on what OEM can do for you and the equipment they have on hand.


President Mike Krummenacker called the meeting to order at 8:00 PM. Salute to the Flag lead by Sergeant-at-Arms John Scalesi, opening prayer lead by Deacon Ted Kolakowski followed by a moment of silence for our service men and women serving both domestically and overseas as well as for all departed firefighters.


We received a warm welcome from First Assistant Chief Sal Arrigo.


Roll Call of the Officers, Past Presidents, Directors, and Committee Chairs was taken and excuses noted.  Motion made by Jose DaRocha, seconded by Past President Kevin McElynn, and carried to accept the Roll Call of Officers with the excuses noted.


Motion by Past President Kevin McElynn, seconded by Past President Steve Klein, and carried to accept the minutes of the October meeting as printed in the Signal.


Financial Secretary Anthony Tripp then introduced our scholarship winners: Alexander Mulchinsky from Roslyn Highlands and Brendan Mulroony.



Awards: Past President McElynn reported that the deadline for submissions for the 2018 year is March 15, 2019 and that he received one application for the EMS Provider of the Year.


Dinner: Second Vice President Lee Tucholski gave the following report: The Installation Dinner will take place on Wednesday June 5, 2019 at the Crescent Beach Club in Bayville – cocktail hour starts at 6:30 PM & Dinner starts at 8:00 PM – cost is $80 per person.


Exempts:  Second Vice President Tucholski gave the following report: The new 2% Manuals are being worked on – 50/50 chance of being ready for the August Forum.


Explorers/Jr. Firefighters:  Jerry Presta gave the following report:

  1. Our last meeting was on January 6th there were 148 Juniors/Explorers in attendance. At this meeting, we swore in our new Officers for 2019: President Rohan Mehrotra from Hicksville, 1st Vice President Arjun Mehta from Jericho, 2nd Vice President Mary-Grace Syrett from East Norwich, Secretary Harrison Goldberg from Syosset, Treasurer Alex Mustaxis from Manhasset-Lakeview, & Sergeant-at-Arms Dimitri Examilotis from Farmingdale. They will be sworn in officially at the Installation Dinner on Sunday January 20th at 4:00 PM. All are welcomed.
  2. During the weeks of December 24th to January 7th, eight members from 3 different Junior Departments from Germany visited to finalize the exchange program. They also attended our general meeting in Hicksville and swore in our Junior Officers.
  3. In December, we updated and changed our display case in the Firefighters Museum – take a look, it reflects our last 13 years.
  4. We are fully on social media now, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat by searching “Nassau Juniors”. Also on our website: www.ncjfa.org.
  5. Our next meeting is on Sunday April 7th at Port Washington Fire Department at 10:00 AM – the Fire Marshall’s Office will be there with the Accelerant K9 – All are welcomed.


Legislative: Past President Robert Ottaviano gave the following report:

On December 8th, the NYS Fire Alliance met in Troy, NY for the purpose of developing the list of legislative priorities for the 2019 legislative session. All the major fire service organizations were represented, and the following is a list of agreed upon major initiatives:

2019 Issues of United Concern:

  1. Chapter Amendments to GML 205cc, clarifying or modifying as appropriate the verification requirements so that benefits may be extended to intendent firefighters with five years of interior service to their respective departments.
  2. Emergency Medical Cost Recovery, allow departments and districts currently unable to recover the cost of providing pre-hospital EMS service from insurers, Medicare and Medicaid in a similar manner as for-profit, not-for-profit, and medical providers are able to recover costs.
  3. Seek an increase in VFBL/VAWBL benefits for partial permanent disability and seek parity with worker’s compensation benefits for volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers in the event they are injured in the line of duty.
  4. Pursue legislative and administrative actions for building owners who perform modifications or conversions without obtaining the prescribed permits for single or multi-family occupancies which endangers the welfare of the occupants and fire or emergency responders in the pursuit of their duties.
  5. Establish a prohibition on the sale of upholstered furniture which employs the use of carcinogenic flame-retardant chemicals.

It is hoped and anticipated that the collective effort by the fire service will produce positive results as the legislative process moved forward. These issues will be advanced when the fire service meets for its annual legislative day normally scheduled in May of each year. As of this date, a date has yet to be set.

Also discussed at the December meeting were the following issues and ideas presented by the fire service organizations which will be pursued individually by the organizations. While these issues are considered important to the individual organizations, it was decided that advancing these proposals by the individual organizations may produce positive outcomes through the legislative process. These additional proposals are:

Additional legislative initiatives endorsed by the members of the Fire Service Alliance:

  1. Work to prevent the removal of residential sprinkler protection from the building codes adopted by the State.
  2. Insure increased transparency for the process of conducting annual fire inspections for public and private schools.
  3. Endorse legislation for the creation of career and technical education opportunities for both fire and EMS disciplines.
  4. Support the increase the maximum annual contribution under defined contribution LOSAP plans from the current $700 to $2,100.
  5. Support legislation to enable authorities having jurisdiction the option to create, form, consolidate or otherwise merge fire departments or companies on a countywide, regional or cross-jurisdictional level to “right-size” provision of services across a broader tax base, geographical area and or population contingent upon the development and approval of a master plan by the residents affected.

State Budget Proposals endorsed by members of the Fire Service Alliance:

  1. Advocate for the increase of an annual tax exemption from the current $400 helping incentivize becoming a member of the fire service.
  2. Advocate for a sales tax exemption on smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers to incentivize the purchase of these safety related items.
  3. Monitor the 2019 budget negotiations to ensure adequate and consisting funding levels are maintained for emergency services.

The order in which these proposals are presented are not relative to their importance.

President Krummenacker also added that Governor Cuomo took aggressive action on the following items:

  1. Buildings over 18 stories can now use truss construction.
  2. NYS Fire Administrator is developing a curriculum for Volunteer Fire Chiefs and Firefighters.
  3. Looking to change the way 2% Tax Monies are distributed.


LI Day at the Home:  Jose DaRocha reported that the committee will be meeting in March.


Meeting Sites: Secretary Juan Batta reported that the next General Membership meeting will be held on May 15th in Hicksville.


Membership: President Krummenacker asked those in attendance to bring 1 other person from your Department/Company to the next meeting.


Public Information: Past President McElynn reported that if you want something to appear in the upcoming issue of the Volunteer Firefighter Magazine, get it to him as soon as possible.


Safety Officers: Secretary Batta reported that he attended he attended the last meeting of the Fire Chiefs Council of Nassau County’s Safety Officers Committee in Uniondale – you do not have to belong to the Council in order to attend. Next meeting later this month in Uniondale – Van Ness Station.


State Chiefs: Financial Secretary reported that the convention is in June in Syracuse – only a few hotels left. If you can, please come up – we need your vote – Bobby Kloepfer is running for 2nd Vice President.


United Memorial Service: Second Vice President Tucholski gave the following report:

The next Memorial Service will be held on Sunday May 5, 2019 at Great Neck South HS. In addition, I am speaking with Levittown regarding the 2020 date and that May 2021 will be sponsored by the Baldwin Fire Department. First Vice President/Treasurer Goodman than reported on the progress for the 2019 Service.


Ways and Means: Sergeant-at-Arms Scalesi reported that 39 people signed in for the meeting and that $205 was collected for the Dark Horse and $200 was collected for the 50/50 with $100 going to the winner.


Motion made by Past President Klein, seconded by Past President McElynn, and carried to accept the report of committees.




First Vice President Steve Klein: gave the following report:

  1. The Governor has signed the Fire Apparatus Lemon bill, and the Requirements for Fire Chief bill into law. Look for details on these new laws in the FIREFIGHTER magazine. The bill exempting fire apparatus from weight restrictions was vetoed.
  2. Authorities having jurisdiction should have cancer coverage insurance in place by now. The effective date was January 1, 2019.
  3. Construction Phase II projects at the Firemen’s Home have been completed, except for the landscaping, which will be completed in the spring.
  4. Reminder: Applications for all FASNY Awards are on the FASNY website. The deadline for all awards is March 15th. There are two new awards this year. The Youth Mentor of the Year will be awarded to an outstanding group leader. The Recruitment & Retention Award will be given to a department that demonstrated a successful recruitment or retention program.
  5. The Gerard J. Buckenmeyer Scholarship will be awarding 25 $1,000 scholarships this year. This year, for the first time, the application is on the website, and can be completed electronically. The deadline is also March 15th.
  6. The FASNY Help program is still in effect, and provides tuition reimbursement to firefighters attending community college. The program is now available to firefighters who have graduated college and wish to return to school for additional credits.
  7. The Annual EMS Conference will be held in Selden on January 26th, with the pre-conference workshop on the 25th.
  8. The EMS Seminar will be held at the NYS Fire Academy in Montour Falls on March 2nd – 3rd. Information and registration forms are available for both EMS sessions on the website.
  9. The annual FASNY Winter Games will be held in Cortland on February 9th – 10th.


Director Jose DaRocha: reported that the FASNY Convention will be held in Liverpool on August 8th – 11th.


Director Mike Krummenacker: had no report.


Home Trustee Stephen Goodman: gave the following report:

  1. There are 70 residents in the Home.
  2. There is a new administrator and head nurse.
  3. If you need or know someone who needs the Home, contact myself or James Interdonati.


Home Trustee James Interdonati: had no report.



First Vice President Robert Ottaviano, Jr.: gave the following report:

  1. Our own Kevin McElynn is now Secretary of the Association.
  2. Next meeting is in Baldwin on March 30th.


Second Vice President Juan Batta: had no report.



COMMUNICATIONS: The following were received and read by the Secretary:

  1. A copy of the minutes to the Executive Council’s September meeting in Westbury.
  2. A notice from FASNY for the Gerard J. Buckenmeyer Scholarship and for RecruitNY.
  3. A thank you letter from the Fire Riders of Nassau County for our donation to their Turkey Run.


Motion made by Past President Otto Kohlmier, Jr., seconded by Past President McElynn, and carried to accept the communications as read and deal with those that need action under New Business.



Tony Tripp


Office Supplies from Staples

Jerry Presta


Lunch for Camp Fahrenheit 516

Alex Mulchinsky



Brendan Mulrooney



Fire Chiefs Council of Nassau County


Printing in the Chief’s Signal

Nassau County Volunteer Fire Police Association


2 Tickets for Installation Dinner & 5 Raffle Books

Bill Fox Co.


17 Name Plates for Past President Pocket Badges

Stephen Goodman



Total Bills



Motion made by Past President Klein, seconded by Tom Underhill, and carried to pay the bills.



  1. First Vice President/Treasurer Stephen Goodman reported that the 3rd mailing went out regarding the FASNY Firemen’s Home’s Chapel Window. Hope to have the unveiling on LI Day in September.









PRESIDENT: President Mike Krummenacker gave reported that with the holidays over, it’s back to the regular business of the Association. He attended the following events:

  1. November 14 – NCFA Board of Directors meeting, Hicksville FD.
  2. November 16 – South Shore Firemen’s Association Meeting, Bellmore FD.
  3. November 17 – Nassau County Volunteer Fire Police meeting, Farmingdale FD.
  4. November 19 – NCFA Steering Committee meeting, Freeport FD.
  5. December 3 – Nassau County Executive News Conference concerning funding for the Tuition Program for Nassau County Firefighters, Mineola.
  6. December 5 – LI Fire Districts’ Law & Legislative Committee meeting, Selden FD.
  7. December 6-8 – FASNY Board Meeting and Committee Meetings, Troy.
  8. December 12 – Press Club of LI Holiday Event at the Watermill, Smithtown.
  9. December 13 – Nassau County Firefighters United Memorial Committee meeting, Great Neck Vigilants FC.
  10. December 16 – Memorial Dedication Services for 9/11 Victims (Town of North Hempstead Event), Great Neck Vigilants FC.
  11. January 2 – LI Fire Districts’ Law & Legislative Committee meeting, Lakeview FD.
  12. January 6 – NCJFA election and Installation of Officers, Hicksville FD. There were special guests present: Firefighters and Junior Firefighters from Germany.

Thank you to several Fire Departments for your kind invitation to your Installation Dinners and Events.


FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: First Vice President/Treasurer Stephen Goodman reported he attended the following:

  1. October 25 – Executive Council of Firematic Organizations of Nassau County – Installation Dinner
  2. October 28 – Wake for Ex-Chief Joe Morris
  3. October 29 – Steering Committee meeting
  4. November 2-4 – FASNY Legislative Conference
  5. November 8 - Executive Council of Firematic Organizations of Nassau County – Reorganization Meeting
  6. November 9 – North Shore Fire Council – General Meeting
  7. November 11 – NCFA Ladies Auxiliary – Installation Dinner
  8. November 14 – NCFA Board of Directors Meeting
  9. November 19 – Nassau County Steering Committee Meeting
  10. December 6 – Raymond A. Plakstis – Wake & Funeral Services
  11. December 12 – LI Press Club Dinner
  12. December 13 – United Memorial Committee Meeting
  13. December 14 – North Shore Fire Council
  14. January 6 – Wake for Michael Batta
  15. January 11 – North Shore Fire Council


SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: Second Vice President Leon Tucholski gave the following report:

During the past month, I was present at the North Shore Fire Council Meeting in East Norwich, the North Shore Fire Council Meeting in Great Neck, the wake and funeral for Chief Ray Platskis – Great Neck Alerts.


SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: Sergeant-at-Arms Scalesi gave the following report:

  1. Thank you to all for attending my mom’s wake – it was nice to see my brother firefighters there.
  2. Attended Oscar Spruyt’s funeral service in Merrick.
  3. Attended the wake for Secretary Batta’s brother Michael.


TREASURER: Treasurer Goodman reported on the net worth of the Association. Motion made by Past President McElynn seconded by Past President Kohlmier, and carried to accept the Treasurers Report as read.


SECRETARY: Secretary Batta reported that he has copies of the Committees List and the Bylaws – see him after the meeting. He also thanked those who called, texted, email, or came to the wake for his brother’s services.


FINANCIAL SECRETARY: Financial Secretary Tripp read the following report:

This month I have turned over to the Treasurer the sum of $3,105.00 in dues. Of the 684 members, 378 have paid their dues this year for a total of $6,390.00.

There are 55 out of the 117 Departments and Companies that paid their dues for the year beginning May 1, 2018. New dues notices have been mailed out to individuals. All Departments, and Companies will be getting their bills by the end of the month.

Status of the Membership:

Dues Paying Members -                       684

Department/Company Members -       117

Total Membership                                801


Motion made by Past President McElynn, seconded by Past President Klein, and carried to accept the reports of Officers.





  1. President Krummenacker reported that Junior Past President Larry Dixon was in a car accident – is home from the hospital now.
  2. President Krummenacker asked those in attendance to pray for Mike Ornauer.
  3. Jerry Presta announced that the Junior’s are having a raffle – if interested, see him after the meeting.
  4. Motion made by Jose DaRocha, seconded by Past President Klein, and carried to set aside a page in the minutes in memory of Oscar Spruyt.
  5. Deacon Ted Kolakowski asked that he be notified by phone of any illnesses and/or deaths since he does not have a computer.


DARK HORSE & 50/50:

Dark Horse: There were 5 $10 prizes and 2 gifts raffled off.

50/50:  $100.00 was awarded.


Closing Prayer was led by Rabbi Marim Charry.


Motion to adjourn made by Past President Kohlmier, seconded by Past President McElynn, and carried at 9:20 PM.


Respectfully Submitted



Juan Batta, Secretary